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1) How often do you and your SO quibble?

2) What tends to be the most common two subjects?

3) How do you resolve issues?

4) Which of you is quicker to anger?

5) Which parent do you take after in this respect?
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Flyday Fyve - Who Needs Sleep?

1) What's the longest stretch you've ever gone without sleep?

2) What job did you hold that kept you the most shy on sleep?

3) What's your ideal amount of sleep per night?

4) What do you normally get by on?

5) Are you a morning/night/afternoon person by nature?
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Flyday Fyve - A Wee Bit Morbid.

Hi all! It's been a long time since I've done one of these, but it seems time to try one again.

*cracks knuckles*

Here we go:

1) What characteristic or trait would you most like to be remembered by?

2) What are you afraid people will remember you by?

3) What manner of death scares you the most?

4) What's your philosophy about the afterlife?

5) What do you think is the best way to celebrate life after someone dies?
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The "Your House" Flyday Fyve

Okay, so I'm posting this before Friday.

Don't be a Image hosting by Photobucket: Just answer the questions!

1. What's something about your house/apartment/cave/bomb shelter that visitors always like?

2. What's the item in your house you'd most like to get 'rid of?

3. What were the most important factors in picking your current dwelling?

4. Where do you typically set up shop to study/pay bills/read or whatever?

5. What home improvement project would you most like to do it if money were no object?

Holiday fun

1) In less then a month starts the end-of-year holidays, which is your favorite holiday?

2) Least favorite?

3) Do you generally like this holiday season or is it like impending doom?

4) Do you dress up for Halloween?

5) What is your best holiday memory?

My answers:

1) Halloween
2) The rest
3) Mixed really, it can be so stressful trying to make everyone happy.
4) No but I want to.
5) Three years ago when I got married on Halloween :-)
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Flyfay Fyve

Atilla's One Person meme

1. Let's say you could pick one person from your friends list to fly in the space shuttle. Who's it gonna be?

2. You are on trial for your life. Who (among anyone in the world) would you pick to defend you?

3. Let's say you could purge one person from your memory. It will be as though you never met them. Who would it be?

4. Without naming names, pick an LJer who did something to really piss you off and tell us what they did.

5. You're picked to voice one character from The Simpsons. You get to pick which one. Who's it going to be?


1) What is the last movie you saw?

2) What is the first movie you remember seeing?

3) What is the worst movie you saw?

4) What is your favorite movie?

5) Where do you prefer to watch a movie? Theatre, home or drive-in movie theatre?

My Answers:

1) The Omen

2) The Star Trek Movies

3) Some movie on Midget Vampires

4) Gattaca

5) Drive-in or at home
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Flyday Fyve

1) Your pet of choice: cats, dogs, other?

2) Of these, which (if any) do you co-habitate with?

3) Ever had to give up a pet due to circumstance?

4) How often in your life have you lived in a pet-free home?

5) What's the most irresponsible pet ownership activity you've ever seen?